Making Model Building an Art

Since 1994

20 Years of Excellence

Making model building an Art

Fine scratch built 1/8th scale Bugattis and bespoke automobilia for collectors and enthusiasts looking for the best and the rare. Made to measure parts for professional and amateur builders.

Scratch builds

Tank Charade_1

Our principal and most challenging, but most rewarding, activity consists in creating our celebrated 1:8 scale Bugatti models. Anything from 800 to 1200 patient hours of skill and care go into these breathtaking masterpieces. Truly a labour of love…

Custom Parts

1:12 scale

A unique service for professionals and amateurs alike. Make your work stand out from the crowd.

Automotive Gifts

automotive gifts

A stunning range of hand crafted gifts for clubs, enthusiasts and collectors that never disappoints!

20 Years of Excellence

Based in the historic Bourbonnais province in the heart of France, Scottish model engineer Sean McKenna has forged a reputation of excellence and reliability in scratch-building the finest model cars and made-to-measure parts for discerning collectors and fellow builders throughout the world. Countless hours of meticulous research, patient and highly skilled labour and over 20 years of dedicated professional experience enable us to share with our clients our passion for great model cars. No compromise is made nor any effort spared in reproducing to scale the most beautiful motor cars of the golden age in every detail. However, a world class model goes deeper than a simple miniature copy. It is often surprising to discover the different processes and techniques inspired by a century of automotive construction. By observing and learning through this inspiration, our models become veritable works of art, doted with the character and something of the soul of their life sized originals.